Benefits of Creating a Scholarship Fund

Creating a scholarship fund at the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana is one of the easiest ways possible to forever impact the course of a student’s life. Scholarship funds give students opportunities that may not have been available otherwise. Today, the cost of post-secondary education is skyrocketing and more and more students are facing the decision about whether or not they can afford an education.

There are many advantages for you and the scholarship applicant when you partner with the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana to establish your scholarship fund.

It’s easy

We make establishing your scholarship fund easy and flexible. Every individual has their own set of unique interests, values and passions that guide them to establishing a customized scholarship fund. We’ll make this process easy so that your scholarship is awarded to the type of student who aligns with your values while staying compliant with the numerous regulations which govern scholarship funds.

We do the work

The Community Foundation of Southern Indiana has invested in an online application process which makes applying and scoring scholarships simple for students and the reviewers. And depending on your fund’s balance there are numerous options for how your scholarship can be administered. For more information contact Crystal Gunther at (812) 948-4662 or by email at

College Cost Estimator

Tax Benefits

Because we are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization you’ll qualify for the maximum income tax or estate tax deductions when you establish your scholarship fund.