Last year we made over $1 million in grants, including…

  • … over $329,000 in scholarships to support our future leaders.

    … more than $281,000 in grants to support our youth’s development and education.

    … over $268,000 in health and human service grants provided for our community’s hungry, disabled, elderly and most vulnerable

We’re making a difference, but we need your help to make an even greater impact!

As your trusted partner, resource and steward in philanthropy, we can work with you to provide many solutions to help you with charitable giving and tax planning – helping you establish your unique charitable fund while addressing your specific tax circumstances.

  • – Do you want to support your church or alma mater?
    – Do you want to support a specific nonprofit’s work in our community?
    – Are you passionate about supporting education?
    – Do you want to make a gift without using the cash assets you may need now?

No matter what your budget or what your unique circumstances or passions are, we can help you simplify your giving and maximize your tax benefits. Call Kenton at (812) 948-4662 and ask how you can use the Community Foundation to make an impact in areas you care most about it. Or we can help you make a tax deductible gift now, before the end of year, and then at a later date when you’re ready, decide how and where you want that gift to make an impact on your favorite causes. It’s easy to do. Let us help.

Want to make a difference now?

Make a contribution to the Foundation’s Community Impact Fund or Operating Fund. We’ll use your generosity to build a stronger community and make an impact in the areas that we know have the greatest needs. Your tax deductible contribution will assure that these community needs are being met now and in the future.

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