How We Partner With Charities

The Community Foundation of Southern Indiana works with nonprofits across the region to help provide resources to support their mission. Quarterly, the Community Foundation has a competitive grant cycle that provides nonprofits opportunities to apply for a grant from the Foundation’s unrestricted funds. In addition, the Foundation holds a number of endowments that support various area charities in perpetuity, we help Foundation donors find nonprofits that match their charitable intentions, and we can provide gift planning guidance to nonprofits that have an established fund at the Foundation.

Agency Funds

A non-profit organization may want the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana  to hold its endowment or be its “foundation.” An agency fund at the Community Foundation is a simple way to accomplish these goals and is easy to establish. The existing non-profit organization creates an endowment or pass-through fund in its name at the Community Foundation to which many individuals, corporations and foundations can contribute. Taxpayers are eligible for an income tax charitable deduction for these gifts. In the fund agreement, the agency can set parameters for the administration and operation of the Fund, and can even name a successor organization to benefit from the fund if agency ceases operations. The Foundation can also provide gift planning guidance to nonprofits that have an established fund at the Foundation. If you have more questions about establishing an Agency Fund please call or email Linda Speed at (812) 948-4662 or

Competitive Grant Cycle

For charitable organizations, putting ideas into motion takes funding. The Community Foundation of Southern Indiana is dedicated to helping nonprofits improve the quality of life in our community. The Community Foundation invites all charitable organizations including: charitable 501(c)(3) status organizations, schools, churches and governments in or serving Clark and Floyd counties to apply for grants.  The Community Foundation considers needs which generally fall into the following categories:  Arts & Culture, Community Development, Education, Environment, Health, Human Services, Recreation, and Youth Development. Click here to learn more.

Estate Planning

If your nonprofit is working with a donor who is considering making a gift of assets other than cash, or a future gift from their estate, and you’d like some guidance, the Community Foundation can help your donor and their advisor craft an estate plan that will benefit your organization, lessen their tax burden and increase their charitable impact.

Nonprofit Resources

The following is a list of resources that are available to nonprofit organizations. These resources offer guidance, support and resources for nonprofits throughout our region.