IRA Charitable Rollover on Verge of Becoming Permanent

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It’s Not Too Late to Double Your Clients’ Charitable Gift

Because of a unique matching opportunity, the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana can double your clients’ charitable gifts by year end. Even with just a couple of weeks left in the year, it’s not too late for your clients to take advantage of this opportunity and have every $1 donated matched with another $1, doubling your clients’ gifts.  

Whether your client wants to make a cash gift or gift of stock, we’ll make it simple for them to double their gift by year end. Their gift will support the unrestricted Community Endowment Fund which is a simple and flexible option for those people who want to perpetually support the evolving needs of their community. And, if your clients contribute $1,000 or more they will be permanently recognized with a named fund within the Community Endowment Fund. 

If you have any questions about how your clients can take advantage of this unique matching opportunity, I hope you’ll visit our website and give me a call at (812) 948-4662 or email me at

Monthly Gift Planning Tips

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IRA Charitable Rollover on Verge of Becoming Permanent

Today, following yesterday’s vote by the House of Representatives, the Senate passed the PATH Act which made the IRA Charitable Rollover permanent law. This is a very positive step forward for any of your clients who may like to use the IRA Charitable Rollover as a giving strategy. This new permanent extension will simplify their giving and allow them to plan a long-term giving strategy.

For your clients to take advantage of the IRA Charitable Rollover this year, the President must still sign the bill into law.

If your clients are interested in making an IRA Charitable Rollover gift for this year, please let us know. We can help you make the process easy and, thanks to the matching opportunity, they may be able to double their charitable gift. If you have any questions please call Linda Speed at (812) 948-4662 or she can be reached by email at

Learn more about the IRA Charitable Rollover here. 

Celebrating 25 Years

Save the Date and Sponsorship Opportunities!

25th Anniversary Luncheon

Speaker: Tom Jurich , University of Louisville Athletic Director
Accomplishing Great Things Through Teamwork and Philanthropy 

February 24, 2016 

11:30 – 1:00 pm 

The Grand, New Albany

All proceeds from the event will benefit the CFSI Community Endowment which is used to address the greatest needs of our community – and each dollar added to the Community Endowment will be matched $1 for $1!

Sponsorship opportunities available.

For more information please visit the event webpage here.