Monthly Gift Planning Tips from CFSI

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Working with CFSI

By partnering with the Community Foundation you can make it easier for your clients to give effectively, help them receive tax benefits they may not realize on their own, and encourage support to the organizations and causes they care most about.  At the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana, philanthropy is our business – our only business.  We are committed to helping you assist your clients to achieve their philanthropic goals.

We understand the importance of your client relationships.  Rest assured that we will work with the client in whatever way you like, up front or behind the scenes.  Your clients will appreciate your helping them achieve more than they thought possible.  Whether their needs are simple or complex, utilizing our expertise and experience will add value to your services.

Monthly Gift Planning Tips

Valuable Resources for You and Your Clients

When Clients Want to Give “Things”

Gifts of personal property require special planning to maximize the donor’s charitable deduction . . . more 

Combining Marital, Charitable Deductions for Estate Tax Savings

A client with a surviving spouse really doesn’t need an estate tax charitable deduction to completely avoid estate taxes . . . more 

Coping with a Client’s Spendthrift Children

Parents sometimes express concern that their children might not be financially mature enough to handle a large inheritance . . . more 

Planning for the S-L-O-W Rise in §7520 Rates

The §7520 rates used to value charitable deductions for charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities, charitable lead trusts and gifts of homes or farms with a retained life interest have been above 2% all year . . . more 


Content courtesy of R&R Newkirk.

Advisor Resources 

Have a Question? 

The Community Foundation’s  website offers a range of resources to help you serve your clients including access to PG Calc, the Charitable Giving Tax Service, and the Advisor Toolkit from R&R Newkirk.

The Community Foundation of Southern Indiana is honored to be your partner in philanthropy. If you or your client would like to learn more about our giving options and how they can benefit from a fund at CFSI, please contact me at (812) 948-4662 or lspeed@cfsouthernindiana.com and I’d be happy to help. 


Linda Speed


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