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Lucian Simmons will discuss how to value works of art for charitable giving and the legal issues surrounding the displacement of art during WWII.

Martin Hall will present 2016’s most innovative and unique trends and developments for charitable taxation and planning giving.

This free seminar offers the following continuing education credits:
2.5 hours of CLE for Kentucky and Indiana
3.0 hours of CPE/CFP CE

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Monthly Gift Planning Tips

Valuable Resources for You and Your Clients

For What It’s Worth
Donors sometimes use hard-to-value assets to fund charitable remainder unitrusts – closely held stock, real estate, tangible personal property . . . more
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Lifetime gifts of tangible personal property are subject to different rules than gifts of cash, real estate and appreciated securities . . . more
Borrowing to Make a Charitable Gift
A donor who contributes borrowed funds to make a gift to charity may claim a charitable deduction in the year the gift was made, and need not wait until the loan is repaid . . . more
Love and Charitable Remainder Trusts

Clients who wish to fund a testamentary trust for a surviving spouse and charity have two choices, either of which will completely avoid estate tax . . . more

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Options for Your Community Bank Stock 

Community Foundation Offers Charitable Plan to Help Your Clients


Do your clients own Your Community Bank stock? Did you know they can use it to endow their charitable interests and get a match for their gift?

There are many ways for your clients to build their personal charitable endowment

fund at the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana, including making a stock gift.  In addition to the tax benefits, giving stock allows them to support their favorite causes without parting with the cash assets they may need now.

As you know, Your Community Bank is merging with WesBanc and people holding YCB stock could be impacted. As your partner in philanthropy the Community Foundation wants to be your resource for making a situation like this work to your client’s benefit in charitable giving. When an acquisition is on the horizon, we realize that your clients may not want their stock to sell immediately upon donation due to a potential increase in value immediately prior to the sale. You may be interested to learn that your clients can give their stock now, in advance of the finalization of the deal, and the Foundation will wait to sell the stock until our Finance Committee feels it is the optimum time to sell, helping to build your client’s fund.

What does this mean for your client? We can work with you so that they can give their stock now to create or build a charitable endowment fund. They’ll receive a charitable income tax deduction for their gift based on the fair market value of the shares on the gift date, avoiding any capital gains tax that might otherwise be due on the transfer.

If your clients are interested in this option, the transfer of assets needs to happen before a sale is eminent. As you know, because the timing of a gift of appreciated stock in advance of a sale or acquisition is critical for the validity of the tax advantages of the gift, we strongly encourage verifying the timing situation to ensure their donation will qualify for the maximum tax benefits that could be available to them prior to the sale or acquisition. The Community Foundation does not provide tax or legal advice.

Are you interested in learning more about this giving option or have other questions?
Please call Linda Speed at (812) 948-4662 and I’ll help you put together a customized charitable plan that will better serve your client and their needs.