Types of Funds

The Community Foundation of Southern Indiana offers a range of charitable funds, allowing individuals, families, businesses and not-for-profits to choose the best vehicle/s to help accomplish their philanthropic goals. Our funds are easy to establish and our expert staff will work with you to ensure that your client’s fund is designed to creatively and effectively match their charitable intent. Most of our funds can be created as either endowed (invested for long term growth, so it can exist for generations, with a portion of the earnings available for grants each year) or passthrough (where the entire fund balance can be granted).

Endowed – An endowed, or permanent fund, allows the donor to support their charitable interests in perpetuity. The initial gift is invested and a portion of the gift is available each year for the donor to distribute to their charities of choice, while the rest remains invested. Over time, the donation grows and the grants to charity will far exceed the amount of the donor’s original gift.

Passthrough – A passthrough fund is a nonpermanent fund which is not invested. If additional funds aren’t added to the fund, over time, grants made from the fund will bring the fund to a $0 balance

Here is a basic outline of some options for donors:

If you’re interested in giving back to the community you call home, but don’t have a specific cause in mind, your contribution to the Community Foundation’s Community Endowment Fund benefits the most pressing needs in Clark and Floyd counties. This is the easiest and most flexible type of fund for anyone who wants to give back to the community and your named fund can be established for as little as $1,000.

Minimum to establish a named endowment fund – $1,000

Donor advised funds are extremely popular because of the flexibility they allow you and the ease of their use. With a donor advised fund you’re able to stay involved in the granting process by requesting grants to your favorite organizations and causes, and involve your family in grantmaking. You can continue to add to your fund over time. With this one fund you’re able to support all of the nonprofits you’re interested in.

Endowed minimum – $15,000

Passthrough minimum – $1,000

A designated fund is the simplest way to support all of your favorite charitable causes and ensure your generosity will continue after your lifetime. You tell us when you create the fund how you’d like your charitable dollars to be used and with an endowed fund we’ll make an annual contribution to the organizations you choose, forever. Or, if you choose a passthrough fund, in the timeframe and percentage you choose.

Endowed minimum – $15,000

A scholarship fund gives you the opportunity to support the education of a student at all levels. You can designate the scholarship for specific institutions or create your own criteria and eligibility requirements. When considering a scholarship fund it is always a good idea to think about the total financial impact your gift will have on the student and the rising cost of tuition.

Endowed minimum – $25,000

Passthrough – While most of our scholarships are endowed, passthrough scholarship funds can be created to provide meaningful scholarship grants for a period of years. Please contact Linda Speed at (812) 948-4662 for more information.

Field of Interest Funds allow you to support your favorite causes or issues while relying on the Community Foundation’s experienced staff to identify not-for-profits that make the greatest impact on that issue. Whether your area of interest is the environment, education, health and human services, or any other issue you choose, we will identify area nonprofits doing the best work to address those issues and support them in your name.

Endowed minimum – $15,000

A non-profit organization may want the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana to hold its endowment or be its “foundation.” An agency fund at the Community Foundation is a simple way to accomplish these goals and is easy to establish. The existing non-profit organization creates an endowment fund in its name at the Community Foundation to which individuals, corporations and foundations can contribute. Taxpayers are eligible for an income tax charitable deduction for these gifts. In the fund agreement, the agency can set parameters for the administration and operation of the Fund, and can even name a successor organization to benefit from the fund if agency ceases operations. The Foundation can also provide gift planning guidance to nonprofits that have an established fund at the Foundation.

Endowed minimum – $15,000

The Community Foundation of Southern Indiana is here to support you as you support our community. One we way do that is by preserving you or your loved one’s passions and values for future generations by establishing memorial funds. Establishing a memorial fund is an easy and flexible way to support the causes your loved one cared most about. Working with the Foundation to establish your fund makes it simple, and provides anyone who contributes to the fund a tax deduction.

If you’re interested in establishing a memorial fund please contact the Foundation at (812) 948-4662 to find out more about the options available and minimum needed to establish a fund that will carry out you or your loved ones name, forever.

If you would like to create your own fund, we would love to talk to you. Please contact Linda Speed at lspeed@cfsouthernindiana.com or (812) 948-4662.